Dropbox is everyones favourite cloud backup and syncing service but only comes with a limited amount of space. So if 2GB just isnt enough what can you do to get more?

Refer freinds

Referring friends earns you 500MB a time up to a maximum of 16GB (20GB total) or 32GB if your on a paid account. Thats alot of extra space if you can get a large number of friends to sign up with your unique link. If you can’t theres another way and for most people, its free.

Use Google adwords to sign people up

This method using advertising via google search to get people to sign up using your referral link, this method is cheap (or free) and very effective. I used a free £50 adwords credit voucher and spent £3.62 of it on ads receiving the 26 extra sign ups I needed to get my full 16GB quota. Doing the math I had 187 clicks in under 24 hours at an average of 2p each and 14% of those that clicked signed up to dropbox.

So how do you do it?

    1. First you need an adwords account – make one here (https://adwords.google.co.uk)
    2. Now you need to either choose whether your going to pay or try and get a free credit. Most people with websites have a adwords credit voucher somewhere – but if you dont then make your account but dont use it for a while and Google will probably send you a credit (it took me a month).
      If you cant wait then you can pay out your own pocket or check your webhost for a free voucher (dreamhost and godaddy both offer adwords vouchers).
    3. Fill out all the required information, enter your billing information (even if you have a voucher) and then enter your promo code if you have one.
    4. Now your ready to create your adversing campaign
      • Create a new campaign called ‘dropbox’
      • Choose all locations
      • Choose Google search and search partners only (uncheck the display network)
      • Choose computers only under devices
      • Set a reasonable budget of around £4-5 a day
      • Check your settings match the picture below

  1. Creating your ads – Now you can create your first advert, its best to make a couple of adverts for maximum effect. Remember you are trying to sign up new user, not get clicks of people searching for dropbox that already have an account.
    • The adverts i used to max out my quota (the top one got 80% of the clicks)

      Create your ads like in the picture

    • Remember to set the link as your dropbox referral link from here
    • Under keywords enter ‘dropbox’ only. This keyword currently has a bid of around 2-3p, any other keywords will be well in excess of this and your ads won’t show.
    • Under default bid enter something between 2-5p. I entered 5p but only paid 2p for most clicks, the higher you enter this amount the more you’ll pay but the faster you’ll get referrals.
  2. Run your campaign! Keep checking your dropbox referral page and adwords campaign to see if you should make any changes. The best way to do this is to change the view to ‘today’ and look on the campaigns view.

Within 24 hours (or longer if your unlucky or set a low bid) you should have maxed out your referal limit. Make sure to deactivate your adwords campaign now or you’ll be paying for clicks without getting more space!

Did this work for you? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Leigh

    Worked brilliantly. 16GB worth of referrals in around 3 hours using just over £9 of my Adwords voucher.